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Re: Thread Drift
« Reply #60 on: July 20, 2017, 12:55:29 am »
It took 5 seconds to find it:
" We define "trolling" as a message that serves no constructive purpose and is likely to cause offence or arguments. "

oh snap! You got me... uhhh... wait now - that useless piece of nothingness was used many times over as a challenging start point for ChasMan to elaborate upon, particularly in terms of his related determining criteria, his subjective whim, his lack of consistency in applying interpretation and enforcement, his banal and tripe instruction to "just report and ignore", etc..

Of course it's subjective.

cop out extraordinaire! That ole tried-n-true, fall-back nugget simply allowed ChasMan and his crew to avoid accountability and responsibility for the shyte-house MLW moderation. Membership attempts to understand MLW moderation... to hold the moderators to some semblance of actual interpretation/enforcement practice... to wrestle with the inconsistency of application... that... that became the foundation of the MLW moderation drama that ChasMan so relished.

Discussion of the application of policies most definitely happens between the moderators.  Why would you think otherwise ?

because nothing ever changed. Rather - it only ever got worse. You seem like quite the lil' chatter-box here... certainly begs the question why you sought to become miniChasMan while giving up your posting. Clearly you accomplished didly squat in your presumed/postured policy application discussions - ChasManRules, don't ya know.

You have always been an overly demanding poster, IMO.  That said, your presence was appreciated by all of us which is why we put the extra effort into dealing with you.  And, as expected, you are still unsatisfied.  It's a testimonial to your strong personality and character, and as such I accept it.

go shine on someone else. If by "overly demanding" you mean questioning the bullshyte MLW moderation... guilty as charged. Thread after thread, literally hundreds of posts from many, many disgruntled members, members chucking it in and walking away from MLW - all so "overly demanding", hey!  :)

I don't see how.  We lost a lot of good posters, and the team was never happy when that happened.  But as I said, the site continues.

"the team"!!! Oh my - how droll. If there was your stated unhappiness, why the phack didn't anything ever change... for the better? Such a high-bar MLW sets for itself: "the site continues"!

Hey - it may be a cycle.  It may reflect the politics of our day.  I personally don't like the 3 prevailing themes that dominate, especially the mud puddle "I hate Muslims" arguments, but there isn't a rule that sends kooks away without reason.  It's a big tent that welcomes anyone who has something to add.

as I've stated in the past - in that very MLW shytehole: you get the board you ask for, you get the board you deserve.

you're welcome - carry on.