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Re: Thread Drift
« Reply #60 on: July 19, 2017, 06:36:02 am »
you sir, you believe... in make believe! Any precise and prevailing definition on MLW trolling should be in the board rules for reference.

It took 5 seconds to find it:
" We define "trolling" as a message that serves no constructive purpose and is likely to cause offence or arguments. "

Instead MLW membership was forever toyed with by ChasMan and his simpleton play that trolling was a subjective interpretation --- his undeclared subjective whim and his mystery determination.

Of course it's subjective.

Of course, you were, and I expect still are, a most willing and loyal lapper; one who never had the balls to actually question/challenge his bullshyte.

Discussion of the application of policies most definitely happens between the moderators.  Why would you think otherwise ?

thanks for the outright genuine laugh - to suggest the ChasMan "catered to and endured" me... that sir, that showcases your true sycophantic self!

You have always been an overly demanding poster, IMO.  That said, your presence was appreciated by all of us which is why we put the extra effort into dealing with you.  And, as expected, you are still unsatisfied.  It's a testimonial to your strong personality and character, and as such I accept it.

For you to suggest, "MLW will endure", is you completely dismissing the membership loss and the quality of those long-standing contributing members who ChasMan drove away.

I don't see how.  We lost a lot of good posters, and the team was never happy when that happened.  But as I said, the site continues.

It's quite heartening to read thread comments here, including your own, describing the present MLW membership makeup and decline. Well done - mission accomplished, hey!

Hey - it may be a cycle.  It may reflect the politics of our day.  I personally don't like the 3 prevailing themes that dominate, especially the mud puddle "I hate Muslims" arguments, but there isn't a rule that sends kooks away without reason.  It's a big tent that welcomes anyone who has something to add.