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Re: Thread Drift
« Reply #45 on: July 17, 2017, 11:49:17 am »
True, I left when I was the one who got shut down for calling out a troll,

I got a warning point - from MH, as a matter of fact - for telling a guy who repeatedly referenced white supremacist sites which he claimed were reliable, that this showed he had poor judgement. This is the frustrating part about the crazies. You can't call them out on their idiotic claims. You can't say their claims are stupid. You are expected to respectfully debate them. But as you are aware, you can't debate these people. They will concede nothing, however obvious, and continue to make absurd claims without regard to the legitimacy of their 'evidence'. The Turkish chick was another such poster, thankfully gone. Charles particularly seemed to be protective of her, and I gave up after a few tries and just put her on my ignore list.
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