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I don't care if you don't care about thread drift but do you care if every thread drifts to 3 topics ?

If not, then you prefer a forum of **** and you shall have it.

But every topic DOESN'T drift to three topics, and never did elsewhere either. You once accused me of starting multiple threads on Islam and then couldn't produce anything I'd started over the previous year.

Further, if people want to talk about something, why shouldn't they? Just because you don't want to talk about it shouldn't stop others. Just don't participate on that topic. Is that so hard? There are ridiculous conspiracy topics at MLW and I don't go near them, having zero interest.

I think when a topic is suppressed in the popular media, and when you can be subjected to harsh punishments for talking about it in public, people gravitate towards the internet to talk about it anonymously. That is the case with the clear discomfort about Canada's immigration policies, and the flood of newcomers, especially Muslims. The fact government and media do nothing but issue bland, soothing feel-good statements doesn't help.
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