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Re: Corvid Culture (was Outbeak Culture)
« Reply #30 on: December 11, 2020, 03:54:07 pm »
Just sitting on the deck enjoying the sun with one cat on my lap and it's mother on the rail watching the rabbit and chicken that wander over from next door in the yard below. The rabbit is kinda like a retarded little dog and the chicken is kinda like the rabbit but a little less retarded.  When the rabbit hears a carrot hit the ground it runs towards it but but almost always past it before circling back a few times while zeroing in on it. The chicken just follows the rabbit.  So anyway I could see a crow keeping an eye on them fighting over a carrot when a hummingbird suddenly showed up on scene apparently drawn in by the bright orange carrot. This made the rabbit jump and the chicken squawk and an opportunity for the crow to pounce on the carrot. The cat on the railing startled when the crow flew past it which made the cat in my lap draw blood when it leapt to safety and that caused me to spill my beer.  The crow few off with the carrot and the hummingbird who caused the commotion was nowhere in sight. My wife is still laughing.

I'm blaming the fricken' corvid but this demonstration of cause and effect probably started when I suggested to my wife we might want to bring the hummingbird feeder in to prevent it from cracking if it freezes. 
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