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Re: Corvid Culture (was Outbeak Culture)
« on: October 15, 2020, 12:16:57 pm »
Last summer at work we had a big crow that had started hanging out in the parking lot for some reason. When the minions went out for their smoke break they would talk to it and it would caw back. They started giving it food and named him Jake.   After a while it seems like he started becoming impatient for their smoke breaks, because he would start cawing at the door.  This was really irritating for Technical Sales Tom, because his window was near the front door. So he would run out and shoe the bird away.  Jake apparently thought this was great fun, because he would come back and do the same thing 15 minutes later.  "ARGH you stupid bird I'm going to kill you!" Tom would shout as he ran out into the parking lot as Jake flew away,  only to return soon after.  Soon Jake stopped going to the front door and started just standing outside Tom's window and looking in, cawing at him occasionally as if to remind him that it was time to come out and play. We convinced Tom that he was only encouraging this by reacting, so Tom forced himself to ignore Jake, though he dearly wished to strangle him.   He started closing the blinds so that Jake could not see him. Jake started going around to other windows, including mine, to see if he could find Tom or convince anyone else to come out and play. But aside from the minions on their smoke breaks, nobody would come out to play with Jake anymore.  He left after a while.  The minions were disappointed and started worrying. Perhaps Jake had been hurt or killed?  But I think that he simply had hurt feelings and went off to find new playmates.

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