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Re: Corvid Culture (was Outbeak Culture)
« on: October 15, 2020, 11:44:12 am »

Great book on the topic.

When I was a small child, we had a crow that adopted us as it’s family for a time.  I remember my mom getting pissed off when the crow would hop along behind us and come into the house.  It would sit on your shoulder, cawing in your ear...    It hung around for months until it didn’t, for whatever reason.  I like to think it got bored of us and hopped a bus to the next town...

We have Stellar’s jays that come to the feeder and gulp down all the seeds...  they’re very intelligent and closely related to crows.

Grey jays (whiskey Jack, Canada jay, camp robber or whatever you want to call them) are also corvids.  They love shiny objects.  We once had a chess piece stolen when we were hiking in Strathcona Park right out from under my buddy’s arm by one brave grey jay....  we saw him eyeing up the pieces on the little board before he swooped in and stole one... we didn’t think he’d be quite so brazen!