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Quincy Jones Interview
« on: February 08, 2018, 06:35:09 am »
Ok - this thing is burning up my news feed, spawning many conversations.

Lots of fun stuff in there - go read it if you're interested in pop stars, Michael Jackson, Ivanka Trump, Hillary Clinton or anything popular really...

My newsfeed even had this parody:

Interviewer: You knew some of the classic cartoon characters, right?
Quincy Jones: ****. I knew all them motherfuckers. I was best man at Deputy Dawg's wedding.
Interviewer: There must be some great stories there.
Quincy Jones: Man, one time, I remember, I had been partying in Tijuana with Charlie Brown for three days, and we ran into Foghorn Leghorn. He invited us back to his place andů.I can't talk about this any more.
Interviewer: Not even a little?
Quincy Jones: Not in public, man.

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