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Re: Personal Stuff
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We spent her last two weeks in hospice so I have been involved with that. I did an 8 week group grief session but it was probably too early. It was 2 months after and they recommend at least three. I have been involved in a weekly walking group once a week and the core group has become quite close. Even though it has been a few months for some and years for others, we are all singing from the same song sheet and don't have to explain or justify anything. I have had them out to our place at Hatzic a couple of times after our walks, last week we were at another members for lunch and and talking about making these get togethers more often. A few of us have met at the Dewdney Pub for blues night a couple of times. Still, i feel like I am just treading water. I tell myself I have to get on with life but don't really know how. So many mixed emotions. On the one hand, I think grief is holding me back and on the other, I feel it is helping keep her alive in me and don't want to lose that. To make a long story shorter, I feel pretty screwed up right now and am just hoping there are better days ahead.
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