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Re: Personal Stuff
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Yikes, you are fortunate to be able to tell it.

Helicopters are amazing and fascinating things. I didnít really know much about them until I took the maintenance course. I remember thinking, a flying gyroscope, that Sikorsky guy was a freaking genius. Funnily enough, Iíve never even rode in one. Still something for the bucket list.

I got a bit of a giggle from helicopters back in the day when while dropping water on a fire in northern Quebec, one of those PT6's blew up and spewed much of it's guts out the tailpipe. (Bad bearing and I have a few pieces on my mantle over the fireplace) The engineer was flying along with me that particular day and after I got things squared away for single engine flight (and my heart rate back somewhere near normal) I looked over at him and said "that sounded expensive". A couple of weeks later I was walking across the hangar floor at the main base in YVR and coming the other way were that engineer and the chief engineer. The first words spoken as we met were from the chief who said "yeah, about 300,000 bucks." I knew immediately of what he spoke.