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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #1185 on: June 23, 2020, 07:52:08 pm »
I have new neighbours and they’re pushing the boundaries of our property a little.  Me and the old owners got along great...  neither of us really cared about where the exact lines were cuz we’re both chill about stuff.  Unfortunately for the new folks, there’s been a gentlemen’s agreement to allow a garden to encroach in an area we don’t use (from past owners) and the area they’re pushing actually has part of their structure on our property...  so when Squid builds his wall, they’re not going to like where it goes...  But, I’m sure we can resolve it over a beer or three... 

Stay tuned...

Neighbours can sometimes be jerks.  Glad you'll stand your ground if they try to push things too much.

What are they doing to pus the boundaries right now?

You have to be careful.  My family once had a property where we let neighbours drive through a part of it because it was the only way at the time for them to access their property by vehicle.  But if you let people do that for a certain number of years it then becomes a public easement and then you can't stop people from driving on it even if you want to get rid of the access way and build on it etc.  You'd be best to look up the law on such things.

Also, fences make good neighbours.
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