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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #1050 on: March 18, 2020, 02:29:11 am »
How is Kimmy and her girlfriend doing ?

Feeling pretty down because of all the craziness.  One of my usual hang-outs was open today and I did manage to get my yearly quota of green beer. All the other places I like to visit are closed until further notice. Friends are laid off, businesses are losing money, everything is unsettled, everyone is just waiting for the next shoe to drop. I have never experienced anything like this.

I've recovered from the bad cold I had last week. Linz came over Sunday morning and insisted we have sex. After a week of feeling like the human equivalent of a dumpster fire, it picked me up.   While I was sick she came over with a bunch of food and medicine and tea and stuff to take care of me.  Even though  I'm the one with superhuman physical gifts, legendary kung-fu fighting skills, and mystical powers, she's actually the strong one in some ways. She seldom gets sick, she just shrugs everything off.  She's so good to me.  When I'm mentally all over the place, she's calm and confident.

Lindsey is laid off right now, from her day job as well as her waitressing gig.  I'm back at work.  We have a small office, we don't have customers come and go from our building, we're pretty unlikely to be exposed to anything.  There's only one known case here in town so far, but people are acting like we're in the opening stages of the zombie apocalypse.

We have sunshine now, and I went for a walk last night.  I might as well be outdoors while I'm practicing social distancing. Before too long it'll be time for hiking and kayaking, and I'll be able to self-quarantine for a few hours out on the lake or up in the hills.

Masked for your safety.
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