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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #990 on: January 07, 2020, 10:18:34 am »
1. I'm back on this site for about 6 hours because i was suspended from MLW for a day by your friendly neighbourhood a$$hole Charles Anthony for the dumbest reason alive.  T-minus 6 hours until I can verbally emasculate the **** when my posting "privileges" are returned.  **** that c*nt.  As least you don't have power/control issues like he does.  Unfortunately many of the people who post here are resentful, verbally abusive a-holes who need a hug from mommy to make things better.

2. You keep getting wrapped up because you're in love.  It sucks the best of us into bad situations black holes.  It's like a drug and an addiction, you know it's not healthy but the chemicals in your brain crave it.  Like any bad drug you want to kick, you have to quit cold turkey and never be exposed to it again.  Ie: Never ever talk to her or be around her again.  You've essentially been relapsing with this woman.  Quit her.  I'm speaking from experience also.

3. As far as I know you work at a general store in the middle of bum-f*ck nowhere where you're exposed to few quality women and probably come into contact with this girl more often than you normally would in a city setting.  I'd move the eff away from where you are, far away, move to a bigger town, there's no opportunity where you are, just a lot of effed up aboriginals who don't have their sh!t together for one reason or another.  Not exactly a healthy environment for social life, love life, or career.  Your environment will determine the type of women you will meet.  Choose your environment wisely.

4.  I've noticed you becoming more miserable just by how you speak on this forum over the last year or so. Now I know why.

5.  Next time you have personal problems please don't take it out on me.

6.  Glad you're seeking therapy. They're probably just going to say the same stuff i just said, so save your money, unless it really helps.  Good luck.

Just to be clear, Kayla lives nowhere near me - my therapist has helped me understand how my codependent personality combined with her probably narcissistic one has led and kept me here.  I feel a lot better now.  I still don't care if anyone posts here lol.
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