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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #960 on: December 20, 2019, 01:59:32 am »
Wow.  Good luck.  On her side, though, isn't this her first same-sex "relationship". 

She has had flings with women before, but this is the first serious relationship she has had with a woman.

The party was great!  Everybody liked her. If anybody had anything negative to say, they waited until I was out of earshot.  Even the old lady who usually makes homophobic jokes was very positive.  And everybody liked the food she made! It was nice to feel  accepted.

The elderly couple who host the party were especially kind to her:
"Lindsey, it was delightful meeting you. I hope we see you at our next party! Kimberly...  you can stay home."

"Lindsey, it has been a pleasure.  ...  Kim, it's been decidedly ... average." 

They tease me because they like me.

...I think.

As brave as it is for you to bring someone to work... I feel like you greeting her personal friends would be a little more nerve wracking no ?

nah.  I'd met some of her friends before, and I assume that she has had the talk with them already.  It didn't really feel like a coming-out in the way that bringing my girl to the office party did.

And... you're strong ?  Are you big or little ?  My grandpa was a tiny man who basically had no end to his energy levels.  He was tiny and wiry and never quit.

I used to have high energy but I'm wondering if I'm seeing new days now... I just need a nap sometimes.

I'm stronger than home-made whiskey!   I'm only 5'5, but I have a lot more muscle on my little frame than most women.   As I've mentioned, I worked in construction for about 10 years, and doing that kind of work every day builds a kind of strength that a few hours a week at the gym just can't give you.  I have lost some muscle since moving to a sedentary job, but I still lift and keep in good shape.

Masked for your safety.
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