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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #960 on: December 03, 2019, 02:44:53 am »
My special girl is all atwitter with excitement. After long delays, her place reopened today and she's super happy about it.  I met the new owner, and he seems nice. She introduced me to him as her "BFF". Since she's not really out, I understand... and since I'm not really out either, I've done the same to her.
  Although she has not felt confident the past week.  With the big reopening underway, the new owners have been there constantly making sure everything is going smoothly. She feels like she's being observed.  Also she feels quite undermined, as the owners are the ones giving all the direction to the staff. When they want to know what to do they walk right past her and talk to the owners.  She isn't "managing" anything, and she feels useless. Hopefully it sorts itself out soon.

 ....aaaaand she quit.

It became clear that the new owners preferred to have their own people in charge of everything, and she was pushed off to the side.

On the bright side, she's starting a new job right away.  Her side-hustle didn't make enough money to earn a living, but it did make her some contacts that got her an office gig.  So she is bidding farewell to hospitality. She seems happy to be starting a "grown up job" and to be out of the muddled situation that her previous job had become. But she used to enjoy it, and I think she always dreamed of running a really cool spot... maybe she can start her own some day.

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