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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #945 on: November 24, 2019, 11:23:27 pm »
Any more adversarial relationships at work remaining?

Only if you count Alpha-Minion's deadly aura of carcinogenic cigarette smoke.   Everything seems smooth now.  I've gotten accustomed to my coworkers' idiosyncrasies. Boring Stories Bob's boring stories and Old Economy Steve's stale humor don't grate on me the way they used to.  I like my coworkers, and I think I have earned their respect for the most part. The people I work with the most are my biggest supporters.

I'm still kind of mad that I didn't get to beat the **** out of that guy before he was let go, though.  It was irritating enough that he just didn't bother listening to me-- either because he's a man, or because he's 25 years my senior, or because he had a TECH SCHOOL DIPLOMA~~!, or some combination of all of those things. His diploma was apparently from an era when they were still making tools out of stones and wood, and nobody seemed to think he was actually very smart except for him.  Watching his obvious attempts to suck-up and kiss-ass to people who he perceived as being important made it worse.  Bypassing me to go directly to Ed and Greg and Replacement Pete, in hopes of ingratiating himself to people he assumed could solidify his standing in the company.  It had the opposite effect, because those three keep me around so that they have less annoying interruptions, and he was asked at least once why he wasn't doing the stuff I'd tasked him with.  It seems like his attempts at being a brown-noser and social climber were too obvious and rubbed people the wrong way.

Also, a guy approaching 60 shouldn't be using that much hair-gel.  And his hair was obviously dyed and it just wasn't a good look for him.  And he had an annoying radio-guy voice.  "Heeeyyy, this is Annoying Dick, and this is your At Work Network, playing the Lite Hitz you don't want to hear, and I'm being an obsequious kiss-ass instead of doing the stuff that keeps me employed."

Masked for your safety.
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