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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #915 on: November 11, 2019, 03:25:03 am »
I thought kimmy's age and that of her mate were switched...  but ok...

I briefly dated the much older woman, the realtor... is that the one you were thinking of?  That didn't last long.   

I actually thought my sweetheart was closer to my own age when I met her.  Not that she looks it, but she has a self assurance and confidence that made me think she was older than she is.  Although she has not felt confident the past week.  With the big reopening underway, the new owners have been there constantly making sure everything is going smoothly. She feels like she's being observed.  Also she feels quite undermined, as the owners are the ones giving all the direction to the staff. When they want to know what to do they walk right past her and talk to the owners.  She isn't "managing" anything, and she feels useless. Hopefully it sorts itself out soon.

It's all done, the Game of Thrones chapter at work is done.  Big restructuring went down last two weeks.  My shitty boss's boss is out on the street.
 My shitty boss was my only boss for 10 weeks and we met about 3 times in that period... and he's now effectively demoted, in as much as he saw his previous role as grand-boss's yes man as vitally important.

And my team will be cut loose from this organization and migrated to a new one.  Mama san is my actual boss now which means any flirting from her would:

1) include a hot power dynamic
2) be sexual harassment IN MY FAVOUR  :D

In all seriousness, the moves she pulled off to do this and save the team from shittyness, and the trust she put in me to take care of things while she was busy with that has solidified our relationship.  Even though she looks better than ever, something about this maternal protection thing is killing the attraction for me.  I do love her, but profesionally. 

Will you be required to "Give Lunch!" more frequently now?

Side note- on my way out of this organization I was assigned a temporary boss for 1 week.   This is a tiny, short-haired/bushy-haired FOR SURE lesbian with a thick Brazillian accent.  And from ONE 1/2 hour meeting, she is f*cking brilliant.  I broke it to her that I'm leaving to work for mamasan but I want to come back in a year or so after we launch our product.

What makes you so sure she's a lesbian?  Does she drive a Subaru or eat generic wheat squares for breakfast?

Masked for your safety.