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Re: Personal Stuff
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I'm sure they do wish us well.  I just can't help feeling that they feel obliged to support us because they don't want to seem intolerant or something like that.  Like, if their sister had started dating some random man, I'm not sure they'd be as enthusiastic.  They might have some reservations and hope that she takes her time and be cautious. Mostly I think her brother and his wife just want her to know that they still love her and that her being in a same-sex relationship hasn't changed anything. Which is wonderful, but I'm not sure they're expressing it in the best way.

I know I'm overthinking this and I should just be grateful that her family aren't a bunch of bigots. They really are super-nice.


I see your point here and maybe there is a double standard, but maybe it has nothing to do with trying to appear LGBTQ friendly.

Remember many pages ago, when asked, I said that in some ways I'd prefer if my daughters turned out to be gay and you said you've heard that before?

Maybe there's a tendency, right or wrong, in some of us to feel a bit safer when our daughters/sisters give their heart to another woman.