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Re: Personal Stuff
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Kimmy! Kimmy! Fun! Vacation! Yay!

 We're back after a week together, and everything went very smoothly.  We went to the mountains and stayed at a resort overlooking a lake and went hiking and spelunking and relaxed in hot springs. Then to Edmonton, where we went shopping and hiking and stuff.  I briefly touched base with dad. Then on to Calgary to spend some time with her brother and his family.  Even though they live in Calgary, they're actually transplanted Torontoids.  Her brother is a big time corporate accountant of some sort. It was very interesting to hear his thoughts about the Alberta economy ("we're ****"), Canada's overall fiscal situation ("we're ****"), and the federal election ("I'm not a typical Alberta 'Trudeau sucks' kind of guy, but he's so dumb that I can't stand listening to anything he says. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall.")

My girl told me later, "my brother is a really smart, educated guy, so I was impressed that he was listening to what you were saying as if you were actually smart!"  I think she meant it as a compliment, but I'm just not sure.

"I hope this doesn't sound gay, but I think we should live together."
"That's a great idea! We'll save so much money!"
...and we received this advice from multiple sources. I think people are trying to score Cool LGBT-supportive Brother points, Sister-in-law points, or Supportive Dad points, as appropriate.

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