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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #885 on: September 08, 2019, 09:20:30 pm »
We had a few parties this weekend.

Friday - gay male couple friends and their lady friend came over.  We love all of them and I have worked with him in shows.  He's getting targeted by a very shrill person who is accusing him of harbouring a problematic comedian.  Long story but anyway.  Lady friend seems to have got a boyfriend, which is great news as she is very cute and adorable at 50ish years old.  Never known her to have a guy.

Saturday - birthday party for a friend, and turns out that he lives 3 blocks away.  Lots of old burners there and kids including people Easy likes.

Saturday night Joanie and I and my brother played a street festival.  First night with Easy and a sitter.  It went ok but Joanie dropped her best buigar and **** it.  Expensive night.

So we now think we will be able to go out on a real date.  Maybe a few weeks from now.