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Re: Personal Stuff
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So... one of the things that happens when you become a parent, besides finding all moms hot as hell, is that you have nothing to talk about except your kid. 

I am becoming almost a dull suburban dad, with nothing interesting to savour except for weekend trips to Canadian Tire.  CT, BTW, is one of the most fascinating things out there.  It's the retail version of a Coen Bros movie but I digress for sure.

Easy seems pretty into human food now, and is refusing to eat mush.  He also seems to be into music.  The keyboard on his schoenhut piano comes about to my knee.  Joan zip tied it to a railing in the living room, so he uses it to stand up and then pounds on it.  Well, he used to but now his musical sense is evolving and he plays one note at a time !  I responded with a reward for that, by playing Daft Punk for him, which he liked of course.  It's good.  We need a keyboard player.