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Re: Personal Stuff
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I feel quite bad about this, because I know that at least some of my antipathy toward this person is based on prejudice. Her style of dress and the way she acts all just scream "trashy" to me, and bring out all sorts of negative feelings associated with that stereotype.

That said, she REALLY IS dumb. Yesterday lost of people took the day off and I ended up having to provide Brenda with all kinds of help, and most of it was help with stuff that anybody with an ounce of brains should have been able to figure out on their own.

"These aren't shipping documents. Fed Ex doesn't need these."
"Well they came out of the printer along with the other Fed Ex documents."
"These are Ed's test reports. They don't have anything to do with shipping."
"So Fed Ex doesn't need those?"
"No. Just the packing list and the pages that say Fed Ex on them."
"Ohhhhh.... those are for Ed?"
"Yes, those are for Ed. These are for the shipment."
".... Should I give these to Ed?"
"Sure, why don't you go ahead and do that."
"Alright, I'll go do that..."

She's just soooooo   ...   

....soooooo gone.  Brenda has been "yeet"-ed from the company.  I am not surprised it happened, I am only surprised it took this long.

Her answer to everything was either "ohhhh, I don't know how to do that," or "ohhhh, can you do that for me?"   Aside from burnt homemade cookies, she had little to contribute.  Her only noteworthy skills seemed to be avoiding work, getting other people to do her work, whining about how hard her job was, and clock-watching.  It was just about the 3 month anniversary of her arrival, and I guess 3 months of seeing her in action was enough.   While I take no pleasure in Brenda's misfortune, I'm somewhat relieved that sanity has prevailed.  She was bad for the company. She would have been bad for the company even if she was working for free.

My special girl has been super-affectionate lately. Lots of texts at random times, asking me to spend a day with her, inviting me to come meet whichever of her relatives are in town from Calgary, this sort of thing. It feels like she has become very invested in this, which is surprising for me because I had always assumed she'd dump me when she met her next boyfriend.  I entered this with the idea that I was disposable to her, and prevented myself from thinking this was more than temporary.  Now it feels like the opposite. Lately I have been thinking things over and wondering if this is really what I want or if I am just settling for something that was available when I needed it, and worrying that if this doesn't work out she might be really really hurt.

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