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Re: Personal Stuff
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1. But it still annoys me seeing her blunder into meetings without considering that she's wasting other peoples' time, and stuff like that.

2. And also I think that if you're 50+ and you're still driving around with an energy drink logo on your vehicle, you need to make some changes.
1. That's a red flag for me.  People who don't know the basics of office mechanics by that age are no-go.  We hire young people and some of the gals engage in that kind of 'club talk' ... saying things like 'girl' and so on ... it's fine but it's not corporate and eventually they seem to drop it.  You can be good at your job and rough around the edges but by 50 you're not really supposed to have 'potential'

2. I should get one of those.  My new drug is Monster Energy Drink No Sugar.  I drink one at 6 pm to get me to bedtime at 10 pm... :D