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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #750 on: May 03, 2019, 06:04:14 am »
We are in the new home and gradually getting out of boxes.

New system of labelling rooms

Version 1 - Room is stacked up with labelled boxes but room is not functional
Version 2 - Room is VERY basically functional (eg. living room has internet & TV plugged in, kitchen has access to sink and fridge between boxes etc.)
Version 3 - Room is functional but there are visible boxes and signs of moving everywhere
Version 4 - Room has no signs of moving; a stranger may think this is what the room looks like even if you know you will be rearranging it - SOON

Version 5 etc. are just rearrangements

We now have living room and kitchen and master bathroom in V4, baby bedroom and our bedroom in V3, spare room in V1 and basement in V2.  Best of all, the stressful parts of moving are done.  The crusty old landlord hasn't complained about the state of the old place, movers didn't lose anything or rip us off, no meltdowns.

Joan hasn't had a meltdown since last Saturday, so things are looking up.  In fact, we're going to take a break from taking care of ourselves to help another couple we know with a 1 year old - they're in bad shape as he was just laid off :(

Oh, and we've met neighbours.  Next door is a brown youngish tech guy and his wife.  Exactly my tribe.  Other side is old world Italian couple.  Also good.  And we met a 1-kid family but the kid is a teen.  Everybody seems thrilled we're not psychos and that we aren't going to renovate :D

So now we have to settle in to raising Easy, who is coming along nicely on his own, and getting into a routine.  Did I mention I'm taking 6 weeks off this summer ?  :D :D :D
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