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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #720 on: April 29, 2019, 04:05:00 pm »
So, there's this girl - she's crazy about me, and has been for months.  The problem is that she's 18.  That's a big age gap, and it's made me very hesitant, especially considering what happened with the girl who was my now 22 year old fiancee (funny story about that at the end).

A week ago, she was out drinking with some friends.  One of the girls got behind the wheel, intoxicated.  The were driving far too fast down a gravel road, and rolled end over end multiple times.  The girl (the one who really likes me) wasn't wearing a seat-belt, and was ejected from the vehicle.  She was airlifted to Winnipeg and wasn't expected to survive due to a traumatic brain injury.  Surprisingly, other than that and a fractured vertebrae, she had barely a scratch on her. 

She's recovered much faster than expected.  Within two days they were able to take her out of the protective coma.  They won't need to due surgery, as the brain bleed has mostly stopped on its own and they believe it will stop.  She knows people and facts and general dates, and is becoming more herself every day.  I went to see her yesterday.  She can't yet stay awake that long, but yesterday was the best that she's been.  I asked her at the beginning if she knew who I was - she said she did, but couldn't tell me my name.  I left for a bit and came back.  I asked if she figured out who I was yet.  She told me yeah, you're John Taylor, and that's why I'm nervous and shy.  The nurse in the ICU asked if I was her boyfriend - I told her that I was just a friend.  Then the girl said (not realizing it was me sitting there) that she had a boyfriend, but he didn't want her - she was referring to me, and my hesitance over this.  Assuming she's going to make a full recovery, or most of one, I'm torn on what to do at this point.  Her family really likes me.  She really likes me.  My own family is far more hesitant because of my last relationship.

Speaking of my ex - I don't speak to her anymore.  I haven't in months.  She got her sister to call me, and tell me how much she regretted what she did, and that she realized she needed me in her life.  It didn't take long to realize that nothing had changed or ever would.  Last week she had her mom message me for the same reason.  I'm not even responding to that anymore.  I went back on Prozac to help with my obsessive tendencies, and it's helped me to fully get over her.  Now that I don't want her though, she can't seem to leave me alone.  Eventually I hope that she will. 
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