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It's pretty good. And yet being moved out of a supervisory position kind of feels like a demotion, since I don't have anybody reporting to me anymore. I've moved from the top of the Minion totem pole and am now at the bottom of the Smart-People totem pole. It's a better totem pole, but I've gone from the top to the bottom and while I like this work better it still sort of feels like a loss of status.  But it's a good move for me, and I feel like it's recognition that I can do a lot more than they anticipated when they hired me.   I also have to learn a lot.  I need to learn about quality process and regulatory stuff. 

I get it and have been there.  You can ask yourself "loss of status to whom ?".  Likely to people you don't care about right ?

The point is, they didn't want to lose you so they put you with the smarties.
This is heartbreaking to hear.  I hope things improve. On the bright side at least you and she are both on top of it, and understanding what you're up against and being able to reach out for help is a big part of the fight.   I think I've mentioned that I've struggled with depression at times in my life, and not knowing what was wrong and not knowing how to get help was probably the hardest part.  I'm very sorry that you and she are going through this.

Our doctor (we have the same doctor) asked me to come in with her and it seems she (the doctor) was trying to convey that Joan had related some seriously dark thoughts to her.  That hit hard, but I was also not surprised somehow.  So now we're on track to do something we never thought we would - have her on antidepressant medication.  There are alternatives but the medication takes so long to kick in (4 months) that we have to start it now in case other things don't work.

Oh, did I mention we're moving next week ?     :P