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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #720 on: April 19, 2019, 05:14:14 am »
Hmmm.... the work change doesn't sound too bad to me.

It's pretty good. And yet being moved out of a supervisory position kind of feels like a demotion, since I don't have anybody reporting to me anymore. I've moved from the top of the Minion totem pole and am now at the bottom of the Smart-People totem pole. It's a better totem pole, but I've gone from the top to the bottom and while I like this work better it still sort of feels like a loss of status.  But it's a good move for me, and I feel like it's recognition that I can do a lot more than they anticipated when they hired me.   I also have to learn a lot.  I need to learn about quality process and regulatory stuff. 

Oddly, I am starting to realize that the situation I have been trying to get OUT of at work may be better than the one I'm trying to get in to.  This comes after talking to the managers about how confused and demoralizing their leadership is.

Even though my client (let's call her Mindy Chang) is a task master and is not interested in new ways of managing, in general, she does listen to me.  And she really wants me to stay so I have been sneaking in said "new ways" and they're working. 

Yay!  That sounds positive.

(Side note - Mindy has an adorable accent and is 6 feet tall.  I have two 6 feet tall Asian women in my life.  I pride myself on valuing them as professionals even as I quiver inside).


So I had to tell Mindy that I am taking 6 weeks paid leave this summer to be with Joan and baby and since it's between our deliverables she didn't bat an eye.  I think the only think I need to do is get a $20K raise and I'm in my dream job.  I might be able to get $10K.


On the home front, I got Joan to drive me to work the other day because the subway was down then suggested she just drop in to the doctor's office that's right near my work.  She's been depressed lately, and it's getting bad :( Our doctor phoned me a little white later saying that Joan has severe postpartem and we have to take it seriously. :(

So it's day by day ... but we're also moving next week so it's not a great time no sir.

This is heartbreaking to hear.  I hope things improve. On the bright side at least you and she are both on top of it, and understanding what you're up against and being able to reach out for help is a big part of the fight.   I think I've mentioned that I've struggled with depression at times in my life, and not knowing what was wrong and not knowing how to get help was probably the hardest part.  I'm very sorry that you and she are going through this.

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