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Re: Personal Stuff
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Driveway sloping towards house.  Cracks
Sounds like the house settled, which wouldn't be such a big deal I don't think, but having the driveway directing all the water back to the house in a rainstorm would be a problem. Maybe it's just the driveway that sunk? If the doors and windows still close easily and water isn't leaking in, you might be able to get away with just mudjacking the driveway. But if your inspector told you it's the house, it probably is. Is he recommending putting piles underneath and raising the house again? I think that would be a lot more than $25k.
Both houses I've owned were full of cracks from settling. There is a big brick planter on my front porch that was practically split in two. But I patched it all up 14 years ago and the cracks haven't even opened back up yet. When it gets really hot in the summer, I sometimes have trouble opening and closing my front door though. I have to pull out the sander and make the door a little smaller every year.