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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #675 on: March 08, 2019, 07:57:34 am »

Ok, so the job turned bad.  My boss got me a new opportunity which is exciting and a chance to get off my dud of a project.  My (internal) client had blocked my transfer off the project last November, pulling out the stops.  I knew that there was a lot of politics happening a few levels up and I was another pawn in that battle so I let it go.  Those fights have settled down and my boss said there would be no impediments to moving me off.  But she, my internal client, did it again.

So I'm stuck in a glorified assistant position now, where I'm supposed to be doing basic Agile management to learn it from the ground up.  Instead, I'm just reminding people to update documents etc.  This was all supposed to end February 1.

So I am stuck.  And I can't leave.  I looked up what to do when you're stuck in a job on Google and a bunch of articles that said make the best of it.  I feel like I can't be fake, though, which means my unhappiness will be visible to everyone.  As such, I think I have to explain my feelings about this to my client and move on.

It will be hard to not passive-aggressively scuttle the project.

Thoughts or advices ?  Please be aware that I am unlikely to have NOT thought of anything you suggested.
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