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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #660 on: March 02, 2019, 12:27:10 pm »
I'm sometimes amazed at how completely inept some people are at reading the room.

Last week was incredibly stressful around the office. Me and the Minions were working as fast as we could to get big orders ready to ship. Good Boss Greg and Engineer Ed were busy trying to get a new product ready ahead of a deadline.  One of the directors and our sales guy were getting a bunch of stuff ready ahead of a big trade show. And in the middle of all of this, Ted Technician is wandering around being a know-it-all and bothering people about stuff that was low priority.  Boring Stories Bob is blathering away to people who have too much to do to waste time interacting with him.  Old Economy Steve is wandering around trying to turn his low-priority issues into high-priority issues. 

I'm amazed that nobody was killed.  Ted Technician came close a couple of times, I think.  The director was swearing about him after he left.

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