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Re: Personal Stuff
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No...  I think it was a Glenmorangie...   Blue Label is tasty too though!  But it's over $300 here in BC!!

I don't mind Smokehead...  I had a "peaty phase" I went through for a while...    their slogan is "definitely not for everyone"...   so I can't really blame you for not liking it!   ;D

Have a dram for me!!  I suggest Aberlour Abunadh...  un-peated, aged in sherry casks...  it's brilliant!

I have had that brand and I quite like it. One routing I used to travel for work had me overnighting in Dubai, and I was (pleasantly) surprised that not only did the airport there have a very well stocked duty free liquor store, including many scotch brands, they were roughly half the price in other duty frees, but you could buy it and take it with you to your hotel. I often bought one that I hadn't tried before, which of course made the whole process something of a scientific social experiment. And of course my grandparents emigrated from Scotland so I was also honoring my ancestry. And that's how I discovered Smokehead. It was a bit too peaty for me but I was able to get through a 40 pounder so I'm adaptable.