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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #585 on: January 27, 2019, 09:55:54 pm »
I hate **** like this.  I avoid it when I can, or make an an 'appearance' then French exit.  Gawd....

But you have to.

Well, I can't believe you have made it to this point in your life living where you do without coming up with your own style of answering questions like that.  Also given your wit... You can do the old Paula Poundstone (?) bit where her female gym teacher just says "I guess I never found Mr. Right !" :D

Stay until you have had ONE communal moment - like 'the toast' or 'the happy birthday song'.  Then just say you've "got to go".  10 PM is the target time... stay at least that long.


I remembered your sage advice. Things went surprisingly well.  I managed to stay until 11, and a number of people had left before me.  Some of them are very interesting people.  The man of the house-- an owner/director of the company, is a fascinating conversationalist.  Unfortunately at dinner I got seated next to Boring Stories Bob, who is pretty much the opposite of a fascinating conversationalist.  Luckily I was able to move next to Engineer Ed and one of the younger technical people and some spouses/significant others later on which was better. .

After some people had left and some of the men-folk had gone to the games-room for billiards and darts and other contests of manliness, I had a quiet moment with the lady of the house, who is a charming older woman who also does technical writing for us part time. She's a delightful person.  She had been badgering me to bring a date for a couple of weeks, so when she asked about that again I told her my big secret and she told me that nobody would mind a bit if I brought my girlfriend next time. She added that now she's extra interested to meet my significant other.  Although, she probably won't remember any the conversation because she was so drunk. And she gave me a great big hug before I left.

Anyway. It was a good night.  I felt super welcome.


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