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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #585 on: January 24, 2019, 05:36:40 am »
I have to go to a party with my co-workers on Saturday.   :(  They're nice enough people, but I see them 5 days a week and I would rather be home snuggling on Saturday night.

It's not an office party, per se, it's at a co-worker's house. One of the company owners, actually.

I hate **** like this.  I avoid it when I can, or make an an 'appearance' then French exit.  Gawd....

But you have to.

Anybody have tips for making it more bearable?  I don't need advice like "don't get super drunk and start running my mouth" or "don't start making out with the boss's wife" or that sort of thing. I've got all that stuff figured out already.   Also some of my coworkers know that I'm not heterosexual but most of them don't and I'm a little uneasy about talking about personal stuff. I have a sense that somebody is going to ask why I didn't bring a date or trying to do the matchmaker thing or that sort of stuff.


Well, I can't believe you have made it to this point in your life living where you do without coming up with your own style of answering questions like that.  Also given your wit... You can do the old Paula Poundstone (?) bit where her female gym teacher just says "I guess I never found Mr. Right !" :D

Stay until you have had ONE communal moment - like 'the toast' or 'the happy birthday song'.  Then just say you've "got to go".  10 PM is the target time... stay at least that long.