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People in small towns love to smoke.  See above - Letterkenny.

It seems like there is something class-related going on.   In days gone by perhaps everybody smoked so there wasn't a distinction to be made.  But to me, it seems like the people who smoke tend to be those on the lower income or lower education end of things.  The minions, as well as a lot of tradesmen I've worked with in the past-- tradesmen aren't low income, of course, and are quite educated in their own way, but in terms of fancy book larnin' they're not like the college people I've worked with who have all disdained smoking.

Among my co-workers, all the minions smoke, while among the technical people only Boring Stories Bob smokes, and BSB is old enough that he might have started back when everybody smoked just because everybody smoked.  In previous jobs, things were divided along the same lines... the laborers and waitresses and strippers who were in college or had aspirations of going to college didn't smoke, the ones whose aspirations only extended as far as next weekend's party were smokers. 

There's something paradoxic about this, in that cigarettes are expensive and yet it seems like the people who buy them most are the ones who can less afford them.

I don't know if my observations run along the same lines as other peoples, or if there's any hard research on the subject of who smokes correlated against education and income levels.  But to me it seems like there's something going on.

Speculating, I'm thinking maybe impulse control.  People who want quick gratification smoke, maybe. People who want to earn money sooner, party on the weekend, that sort of thing. People who think longer term don't smoke.  I dunno.  There's something there, but I'm having a hard time putting a finger on exactly what it is.

Kim City is the third largest in BC.

Well, I'm not sure of the specifics, but it's definitely a little bigger than Letterkenny. Last week I heard that the Kim City Airport has overtaken Victoria's and is now the 10th busiest airport in Canada.

Never had an office job, went from wrenching them to flying them. Congrats on the raise.

Thanks! :)    This is actually my first office job too. I have had an office previously, but this is my first job where both myself and all of my co-workers work in the same building all the time, so this is quite new to me.  I am sort of an observer of people, so I find the dynamics fascinating.  If there were beings of higher intelligence observing humans to understand our ways, office work environments would be a great ant-farm for them to study.

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