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Re: Personal Stuff
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I was able to throw the butts away ~20 years ago and haven't had an urge that lasted beyond maybe the first 3 days following. I recently had a chat with an old buddy/workmate who also used to smoke but has also been off them quite awhile. The subject came up and he commented that he thought "once a smoker, always a smoker", saying that in the right circumstances reformed smokers would pick one up. I disagreed saying there are no circumstances I could imagine that would even slightly attempt me to do that. Perhaps he still has urges. I certainly don't. As to variations in speaking volumes, there are a couple of guys who are part of the regulars that show up at table at our local, one of whom requires you to lean in to hear him, especially if the place is filling up, and the other who makes you lean out so as not to have your eyes go blurry when he speaks/barks. I sometimes wonder if this is due to a discrepancy in their own hearing capabilities, or is it perhaps more to do with personality. Luckily the others have their "sound boards" properly adjusted.