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Re: Personal Stuff
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I actually don't know if they're chain smoking.  I just know that they all take their breaks at the same time and just go out in the alley and smoke cigarettes together. I'm not sure how many cigarettes they're smoking. I imagine that while they're smoking they probably talk about how awful I am.  Or maybe how annoying Ted Technician is. Or how tough being a minion is. Probably all of that sort of thing.

Question: what are your thoughts on office loud talkers?   To me, it seems like most people talk loud enough to be heard by the person they're talking directly to, and that's about it.  A few people, like Milton Minion, talk barely loud enough to be heard at all.  Then you have people like Technical Sales Tom, who talks loud enough for basically everybody to hear.  Like, not down in the production area, but everybody in the grown-ups area. Especially if he's talking to two or more people at once. Like, he'll be talking to Ed and Greg to explain a customer's requirements, and it's like he's doing a seminar for a whole lecture theatre. He's extremely confident, probably the most confident human I have ever met. Maybe that's why he feels no need to hold back his voice. Non-confident people, like Milton Minion, seem to do the complete opposite. I don't know. It sometimes seems excessive. Or if he and Old Economy Steve are talking in his cubicle, which is right next to my cubicle. Both of them are quite loud. I sometimes feel like I should go grab some of the ear protectors that the minions wear when they're operating machinery.

Oh, and I got a raise!  Kimmy! Kimmy! Happy! Fun! Yay! Money! Money!  Happy! Fun! Yay!   Good Boss Greg says that they're very happy with my hard work and dedication.  I feel very appreciated.

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