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Re: Personal Stuff
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Working from home today...

Well, yes, the secret sauce is 'how much' ie. oversight, management, documentation.

With Agile you rely on the team to decide how to do things, but you always try to move them to improve if you know there is something wrong.  The guys I work with seem to have never worked with specifications.  As such, they see rework and quality issues as just a natural and unpreventable thing. :(

Honestly that sounds like a recipe for disaster. 

We're in an industry that is subject to regulatory overview and one of the things we have to comply with is having a thorough tracking process for everything from specifications to assembly to quality assurance. 

The process works, but sometimes people take shortcuts in the interest of time. That was what happened with the incident I described earlier. Greg thought Ted's idea looked harmless so he signed off on the changes as both reviewer and approver without having an actual review done. So that sort of stuff happens. I guess they were attempting to be "agile".

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