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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #480 on: December 05, 2018, 10:01:58 am »
This sounds like a problem you had before ?

Are you really hot stuff, objectively, as you really seem to sweep these ladies of yours off their feet ?  What do you think you bring to this relationship ?   

I ... I think I'm conventionally good looking, though not "network TV attractive".  I think it's mostly that this whole thing was hatched around the idea of girl-on-girl frolicking, and extending it beyond the original context is taking a while.  That's actually how all of this has worked for me. Sex first, friendship later. My earlier attempts at heterosexual relationship were somewhat the opposite. The friendship came first and easily, the sex .. uh, well, in hindsight that part of it makes more sense now.

That poster is horrible.  We did an office move and now we're lumped in with non-IT people, ie. white, suburban mom-of-teenager sits beside me instead of smelly fat Indian man.  Believe it or not, I prefer the latter.  Is it me or does every middle-aged milquetoast Ontario white woman act like one of the guys in the Cathys sketch in the Kids in the Hall ?  Fuuhhhhhque...  Anyway, she's nice so I can't complain.  But stereotyped behaviour really makes me come up with clever responses in my head.

I know, right? I feel genuinely disappointed that somebody in the office has such a lame sense of humor. Maybe one of our suppliers sent it or maybe it was a Christmas gift that somebody got and brought to work because they didn't want it in their home.

I don't know who actually brought the calendar. Old Economy Steve would have been the obvious candidate, but we had the calendar before he started with us. I can't figure out whose sense of humor is so banal they would like this.   The technical people have highly quirky senses of humor, which rules out Good Boss Greg, Engineer Ed, Tech Sales Tom, and Ted Technician. It doesn't seem like something Boring Stories Bob would bring either.  So that leaves either Production Chief Pete or one of the minions.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just really want to **** up this calendar.

(Forgot to mention that it looks like Joan and I won't be taking time off from our performing after all.  We play music together and have decided to continue, as the shows are infrequent.  I did do a theatre show last night and she brought baby and all was good.)

Yay! Now that you've got the parenting thing on lockdown, you're discovering that you can still have a life!

I will be so delighted if young EZ's first words are "wubbah chicken?"

Wow.   We have a 'no smells' policy in our office, and separate cubicles for smokers' coats.

A can of old school aerosol lilac scent.... "Sorry - excuse me ..." Interrupt, then spray.  The purpose is to send a message more than a smell.

This is genius.  Maybe I should also buy a large bowl full of breath mints and put them on the shelf by my cubicle entrance. 

I don't even remember his name, but maybe it was Tom.  The way we dealt with him was when he was in someone's cubicle for 3 minutes, the unaffected persons would call that person's cubicle and  "Sorry, I have to take this" and Tom would go.

That's also genius.   We should coordinate something like that at my place.  Sometimes Engineer Ed will break up these things by making some comment that completely distracts Bob and puts him on a whole different rail. "Holy ****, Bob, what happened to your shoes? It looks like a wolverine attacked you." Then Bob will start telling Ed about how shitty the shoes are and he's never buying that brand again and so on and Ed says "uh huh" and leaves and Bob goes back to his cubicle and starts working again.

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