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My chief minion comes to my cubicle pretty often, and unfortunately she is a **** chain smoker and she smells like a human ash-tray. Today she came into my cubicle after her smoke break and reeked especially bad and it triggered my asthma and I was coughing and wheezing and convulsing and my eyes were watering and she's like OMG, leaning over me trying to help which is just making it worse by making me inhale even more of her cigarette smoke aura.  I survived, but for a while I was in real danger.


That's terrible.  Is there any way you can say to her that you are extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke, and ask if she would mind avoiding you for 30 minutes after she's had a cigarette?  I'm only slightly sensitive to cigarette smoke, but I do tell people that it bothers me and people have been very thoughtful to avoid triggering my asthma.