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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #480 on: December 05, 2018, 06:10:02 am »
Michael!  How is MC EZ-E doing?  How are YOU and your BABY-MOMMA doing?  Have you got the parenting situation under control?


It's going ok.  The transition from no-kids to have-newborn is about a 30 step process.  Step 1 is I'm like you, and the Dr. says "We're going to induce her tonight".  Some steps in between are:  "She's in terrible pain, I'm terrified" "Wow, that's my kid" "What do I do ?  Is he ok" "F*** WHAT DO I DO TO STOP HIM FROM CRYING" "Does he need a change or bottle?" "I know that look - dirty diaper".

And for about 3 minutes a day "he's looking me in the EYE !  what's he thinking ?"

Me and missus are a famous team and generally regarded as a well matched couple but this tests us, and frankly we are turning into more of a brother/sister dynamic.  There is little romance, some warmth, and lots of efficiency.

As for baby, he's the cutest dude that has ever lived and will be a lot of fun once he stops crying.  Thanks for asking.
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