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Re: Personal Stuff
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How is young MC EZ-E doing?  How is the parenting going?   You seem to have more time for posting here lately! Does that mean you're getting a handle on the parenting gig?


Easy is good.  Parenting is tough at times and when we get into the weeds we're all stressed and underfed and tired and sometimes several of us are crying.  I have little ten minute blotches of time to post which is great. 

The key is that Easy can sleep 2-3 hours at a stretch, so we have to work around that.  The 'night shift' is... Joan sleeps from about 8 pm or 9 pm to midnight then I go to bed for 6 to 6.5 hours of *uninterrupted* sleep.  She tends to him overnight and he is sometimes up a few hours.

We even went to a restaurant on Saturday !
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