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Re: Personal Stuff
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Your career as an erotic writer is off to a poor start!

I wasn't going to get too detailed.  :p

We spent an hour drinking and talking, then we came home to my place and spent several hours playing in bed, then she went home to feed her cat. Which is not a euphemism for anything, she has a literal cat that eats cat food. 

It was pretty tame, but very pleasant. She considers herself a flexitarian... she's done this before, it's not her usual thing but she wanted to give it a go. She's fed up with guys for the time being. She said she gave me her card because she didn't think I was ever going to ask her if she didn't give me a nudge. I asked why she didn't just ask me, and she gave me sort of a blank look like I was asking a completely inane question.  Dating girls is complicated.  I think we're doing this again. I think she had fun too.

She's pretty and feminine, but there's something just a touch tomboyish about her.  At work she wears minimal makeup, a simple slightly messy hairstyle, tight jeans and a loose t-shirt and knee-high leather boots.  She wore the exact same thing to our date, which kind of surprised me. I was sort of expecting a blouse and some makeup, but nope.  She's kind of tall and lanky-- even though she's thinner than me, she's also softer than me. Pouring drinks and waiting tables might be all the exercise she gets. In spite of that I find her really attractive.  I'm just really excited right now. I feel like has potential.

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