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Re: Personal Stuff
« Reply #345 on: October 21, 2018, 12:54:25 pm »
I guess to some degree I'm venting. I'm feeling insecure right now as this new arrival has created fresh uncertainty for me. I feel like I need to prove myself all over again, stake out my territory all over again, and I felt like I had done that already and was happy with where everything was.  I have a strong sense that Steve sees my role as being somewhere in the range of coffee-maker, general-purpose peon, phone-answerer, typist, this sort of thing... so I am somewhat resentful of that as well. 

And we keep having these conversations where he shows up at my desk and says "Question for ya:" and the question is always some variant on "why do we do that this way, when we did things differently at my old job and I like my way better."  Whether it be the templates he wanted changed Friday or some process or procedure or document, he always comes to me to bellyache about it. And I have told him that he should discuss that stuff with Tom or Greg, not me.   Tom and Greg aren't receptive to changing things... they developed all these documents and processes, and they've been using them for years before I even started here, and they're happy with them, and they don't want to change anything. So I feel like Steve has taking to griping to me about this stuff because maybe he thinks he can bully me into changing things without instruction from the people I actually report to, which I won't.  Tom will generally jump in if he overhears these gripe sessions and "manage" Steve gently but firmly out of my hair, which I appreciate.

And yeah, the stale jokes and awkward personal interactions are also pretty grating.

Overall this Steve situation is not specifically too good, and has been weighing down my usually happy work-day.

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