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Re: Personal Stuff
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Why add Steve ?

Also, are you doing operations ?  Is it like a production line ?  Or are these mini projects, like custom made products ?  I don't need to know what you're making just what class of thing.

It's small volume manufacturing for industrial applications. Some of it is pretty standard, other stuff is modified to specific customer demands. We have some of the parts manufactured for us, we custom build others on our CNC machine, and all of it is assembled and finished in-house by my team of highly skilled experts.

Old Economy Steve was brought in to do technical sales and support to take some of the load off Technical Sales Tom.  As with Tom, Steve knows more about what the customer needs than the customer themselves do.  He has decades of experience in the industry, and a wealth of contacts as well.  I can certainly understand what he brings to the table.    His desire change all kinds of stuff so that it would be more like he used to use at his previous employer is pretty annoying.   Phrases like "well I did it this way for 30 years..." and pointless arguments trying to illustrate some perceived shortcoming with our current system have become pretty common around the office.

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