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Re: Personal Stuff
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Relief from unhappiness is best remedied by regularly taking anti-depressants while completely ignoring any attempts at solving your problems.

Seriously.  I know a lot of vain and self-focussed people.  Many of them regularly post that they are done putting up with vain and self-focussed people. 

Life in the world, I say.  It's easier  But you don't have to be 'depressed', except temporarily.  Since I quit smoking I have found my worst moods are boredom, frustration or anxiety - all temporary.  The exception is the pervasive terror that I will soon be responsible for a little human but it is mixed with a hopefulness and sense of purpose.

I am also convinced that I was born as I am... with the possible exception of my risk-averseness.  If I hadn't been so risk adverse I think I would have worked less in the corporate world and done more arts.  Of course my friends who did so had to rely on their parents helping them out, even into their 40s and 50s...