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« Reply #315 on: October 19, 2018, 05:31:17 am »
I am curious so I looked agile workspaces up.   This article provided a broad overview of pros and cons.

 An article from Harvard Business Review about how to foster employee enthusiasm for the type of workspace.  From your comments so far, it sounds like your company could have done better.

"an agile office also operates on tenets that workers need both open, collaborative time with coworkers as well as quiet, more private areas to individually focus on and execute projects."

Actually that sums it up, and the zenefits article was pretty concise.  The dumb part is that 'agile' is not to be confused with 'Agile', which is a new practice and maybe even the 20-years-later iteration of Japan's Total Quality Management style, and something I am excited about.  But they have common elements.

The new space I'm moving into at work is 'agile' but doesn't fit with 'Agile' practices.