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Tendons and ligaments can also make noise when stressed, but generally you are right that it is not a good sign.

That's what almost convinced me to go. If I hadn't tested and found that my foot would now bear my weight without much pain I would have gone in - and still be sitting in the waiting room now.

I thought Ottawa would have good walk-in clinics.

It used to. I used to use them all the time. You could go into one and usually not wait more than 15 minutes. The one near where I used to live was also upstairs from an x-ray clinic and lab. Sometime after I got my own doctor things started going downhill. Now almost all the clinics require that you make an appointment, and most require you be a patient of one of the doctors on staff. There are a couple of clinics very close to me, but when I called, after moving down here I was told they weren't for walk-ins, and weren't taking new patients and their wait-list was full. Should they even call themselves clinics then? There are also almost no outcall services, so forget about getting a doctor to your house, even if you want to pay.

The after-hours clinic my doctor's office referred me to is on the other side of the city, an hour or more away.

By comparison, several dental clinics have opened up nearby (it's a growing area). All are taking new patients. It's never hard getting a dental appointment or finding someone to do dental surgery fairly quickly.

As long as you can pay.
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