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If it hurts to touch, is the pain in the soft part or the bone?
Did you hear anything when you hurt it?
Other than swelling, do you see any other misshaping of your ankle?
Is there any numbness or tingling, or just pain?

Hopefully it is a sprain, to avoid the hospital visit.

No, it doesn't hurt to touch. Anywhere. No numbness or tingling, and as long as I don't move it around too much ... I can move it around, and wiggle my toes. And now, after several hours, I can (gingerly) put weight on that foot, and even stand and limp - a bit. Yeah I  did hear a crackling at the time, which is not a good sign. But I don't think I'd be able to put my weight on it at all if it was broken.

There no urgent care clinics anywhere near us, and no walk-in clinics (thanks government!). So anything remotely urgent means going downtown, or near enough downtown, to the hospital. Another reason to be unimpressed by our health care system.

The irony is there is a privately operated X-ray clinic two blocks away. But you have to get a doctor's order to use it so I'll have to make an appointment, drive half an hour (or be driven) to my doctor, for a piece of paper I can then come home with and take to the clinic. I hate inefficiency like that.
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