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Re: Personal Stuff
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But you're an airline pilot, so you're much cooler than normal "old economy" guys. :)

Something about the whole interaction just felt very strange and off-putting.


I've never been accused of being cool before but I kind of like it. ;D

I've never had an office job so I can't relate. Before I flew em I fixed em and in a predominately male world so good natured ribbing and practical jokes were an enjoyable part of the job. With larger companies I spent my life working with different people every day but we still had to work as a team doing things exactly the same way, basically as interchangeable parts of a bigger machine. Any relationships with fellow workers were pretty superficial unless they were pursued outside of the job.

I would find it a strange way for for a fellow worker to act unless it was part of a relationship we had developed over time. Throwing insults back and forth can be a lot of fun but that is something you do with people you know and respect. It isn't mean spirited. My maintenance and smaller company days were a lot like that. Maybe you should fire the odd broadside back in a good humoured manner and see how he reacts.
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