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Re: Personal Stuff
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Good point.  I looked for news stories about women/anyone being assaulted or robbed by a cab driver in Fort Mac to see what other details there were, but didn't find anything.  Means nothing though, since not every crime makes the news although I would have thought several similar crimes might have merited a mention.

Any insight on the safety of Uber rides?

I have my opinion on why this issue is pretty much ignored by everyone in Fort Mac except for by women.

All I know is the first thing I was told when I moved up there was to NOT take taxis unless I had found a reliable driver that wasn't going to **** me.  Women up there find a decent taxi driver, get a card from him and you only call that driver when you need a ride.

The last few years I was up there, I had a renter who was a cabbie and I used him all the time.  I gave his card out to the young ladies I went to school with and he told me one time that me and my freinds were a large chunk of his business.
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